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We are a group of professionals who are actively involved with the students (Primary to PG Levels) and working executives in guiding them in planning their goals and careers.

This involves guidance and directions to carve out a prospective future by selection of streams and specific subjects, selection of the right job after graduation, preparation and planning for careers, handling mid-career changes, and preparation and guidance for study abroad including selection of universities and colleges, writing SOP, guidance On SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc.

The methodology includes systematic and scientific study and understanding of the candidate through intelligence, personality, and aptitude tests, interviews and discussions on the life goal, enabling a candidate to understand that career is not the same as job but

  • It is why you select and it is not what you select.
  • It is vocation that gives identity, a direction.
  • It is a career which ensures enjoyment of work throughout life.
  • It is an enjoyment of work, which leads automatically to a good earnings and satisfaction.
  • We strongly believe in the philosophy that a right assessment and direction ultimately leads to We also guide students and entrepreneurs in preparing project reports for business and academic requirements.

profession Planner, through its logical and fastidiously structured psychometric profession appraisal, will enable you to pick a profession that suits your potential and region of intrigue.

profession direction comprises of administrations that assistance individuals effectively deal with their profession advancement. Vocation improvement, a part of human advancement, is the procedure through which a person’s work personality develops. In spite of the fact that it will happen without anyone else as you develop, you may profit by getting help as you explore through this procedure, which can be very befuddling on occasion.

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