Advance Life Skills

Start date: August 4, 2019 - End date: October 13, 2019

Time: 10 am - 2:30 pm

Location: Blue Nile Counselling Life Skills and Career Guidance

Our Advanced Life Skills program leverages those skills and offers a super-structure for growth and joy. These 15 skills are, in a nutshell, tools for deeper and more holistic living. Taught by experts. Designed for leaders.
A unique feature of the program is that the last 3 sessions will be used exclusively to connect the dots and ruminate on everything that has been learnt.

Fifteen life skills includes : Assertiveness, Time Management, Health and Life, Conflict Management, Managing Fear and Anger, Wealth and Life, Negotiation Skills, Change and Crisis Management, Role of Randomness, Team Building, Leadership, Motivation, Building Self Esteem and Work-Life Balance. 

Duration of this course is 3 months.

Starts on 4th August Classes only on  Sundays.

Fee: Rs 16000/- 

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